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Theater Review: Newsies by Pioneer Theatre Company

· PTC has a hit on its hands ·

The success of Pioneer Theater Company’s new production of Newsies can be judged by the scene I witnessed after walking out of the Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theater on opening night. Waiting along University Avenue, presumably for their parents to come pick them up, were three teen-aged girls. Dressed in nerdy versions of that age group’s…

Theater Preview: Newsies by Pioneer Theatre Company

As a former newspaper delivery boy, I must admit that I have never seen Newsies but even at age 45 I still bear the scars of my paper route delivering the Idaho Falls Post Register. Indignities suffered included but were not limited to: The heavy bag, cruel adults who would duck collections, or try to short change me, running from mean dogs, my brother stealing all the rubber bands.

Theater Review: The Ice Front at Plan-B

· Sold-out house squirms in the mirror at questions of collaboration ·

Eric Samuelsen

Two weeks ago I found myself in midtown Manhattan at the 5th Avenue entrance to Trump Tower. Tourists were getting selfies with the big-gun toting NYPD counterterrorism commandos in the doorway while I shuffled through the door in a strange daze. It’s an office building and condo tower with lobby decor straight out of the…

Theater Preview: The Ice Front by Plan-B

· Achtung! The run is sold out but we have ways … to get you a ticket. ·

Eric Samuelsen

Eric Samuelsen’s play The Ice Front will make its world premiere at Plan-B Theatre Company on Nov. 9  and its WWII setting promises to be an examination of issues of ethics and morality. Set in Norway during the German Occupation, The Ice Front is a tense examination of the moment that Norwegian National Theatre company…

Theater Preview: A Comedy of Tenors at PTC

· Slap Yourself in the Face with a Screwball Comedy ·

a comedy of tenors

I love to read the word “screwball” in the plot description of anything I’m about to see. It implies that my brain will be asked to dial it down from the usual sardonic, rueful laughing until I cry to much lighter chortles, goofy grins and some pun-adverse eye rolls. So it is with great anticipation…

Theater Review: Mercury at SLAC

· The ghosts of the fights of relationships past are waiting to haunt you ·

Salt Lake Acting Company

There are many plays out there that fall into a category that I like to call: “Alvy Singer rewrites his relationship history with Annie Hall.” Mercury, onstage now at Salt Lake Acting Company, falls into this category, only with more blood and a disemboweled bear. I’m talking here about the propensity  of playwrights to fill…

Preview: River.Swamp.Cave.Mountain at Plan B

· Annual Elementary School Tour Kicks Off Oct. 14 ·

Because you are likely to be an adult, you no doubt know Plan B Theatre Company is the premiere house staging locally written, original plays. But did you also know that each fall,  the company produces a charming children’s theater production and tours it around to 40 Title I elementary schools across the state? This…

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