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Theater Review: The Other Place at Utah Rep

Feb 18, 2017 /

The Other Place at Utah Rep is a multi-dimensional puzzle of contradictory dialogue and timelines, unspoken worry and half-remembrances that add up to a tight 88 minutes of great theater. The play is narrated and driven by Juliana, a successful neurologist whose life is unraveling. Her professional victories are unquestionable, but at home, her husband […]

Play Preview: Matilda at The Eccles

Feb 17, 2017 /

Roald Dahl’s books, it seems, were never meant for grownups. With few exceptions, adults are vile, cruel and awful in his books—leaving children to fend for themselves. In none of the late author’s books is this formula more apparent than in Matilda, a novel he wrote just a few years before his death, but was […]

Review: Virtue at Plan B

Feb 17, 2017 /
Richardis (Emilie Starr) and Hildegard (Christy Sumerhays)

You like monks? You like nuns? Well have I got a show for you! A proper robes and sandals saga called Virtue, by accomplished playwright and University of Utah professor Tim Slover, now playing at Rose Wagner Center. The Plan B Theater Company production is an examination of the life of Hildegard of Bingen, who, among […]

Preview: ’Virtue‘ at Plan B

Feb 14, 2017 /

Plan B Theater Company will open its ambitious new play, Virtue, this week starting with a preview night on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The play is an examination of the life of Hildegard of Bingen, who was among many (many) other things the head of an abby in Germany in the 12th Century. Hildegard (Sorry, SAINT Hildegard—she […]

Review: ’Women in Jeopardy!’

Feb 11, 2017 /
PTC Women in Jeopardy!

All that’s missing in Pioneer Theatre Company’s production of Wendy MacLeod’s comedy Women in Jeopardy! is the laugh track. The director-described “brand-new classic, chick flick rom com” takes us into the lives of three divorced women of a certain age—ringleader Mary (Anne Tolpegin), sidekick Jo (Rosalyn Coleman) and exasperating foil Liz (Elizabeth Meadows Rouse). The trio’s Wa of […]

Review: ’Harbur Gate’

Feb 11, 2017 /

We’re pretty lucky to have local playwrights among us creating original works. Kathleen Cahill, one such human, is an award-winning writer and the author of Salt Lake Acting Company’s currently running production Harbur Gate. The play consists of three mini-plays that make up a loose Rashomon of sorts with some tenuously overlapping plot lines. (Full disclosure: We critic […]

Staff Picks: Pre-Valentine’s Day

Feb 10, 2017 /

Melody Kester, Officer Manager Looking for a great way to start of your Valentine’s Day celebrations? What’s more romantic than going to than an evening at the Ballet? I will be attending the opening night performance of Ballet West’s Sleeping Beauty on Friday February 10th. Join me for a night of stunning costumes, incredible dancing […]

Preview: ‘Harbur Gate’ at SLAC

Feb 7, 2017 /

I’m looking forward to playwright Kathleen Cahill’s newest production at Salt Lake Acting Company. I first encountered Cahill’s work in the play The Persian Quarter, which was a taut psycho drama between captor and captive set during the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis (those were simpler times, eh?). Cahill once again turns her eye toward that […]

Preview: ‘Women in Jeopardy!’

Feb 6, 2017 /

Who could use a laugh? (Weary arms are raised.) Following on the heels of the heavy hitting Fences, Pioneer Theatre Company’s upcoming production of Wendy MacLeod’s Women in Jeopardy! promises a lightly comedic and genially cynical examination of the second chapters of the lives of three divorced moms. The play, set close to home in […]