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Big Change for Utah: Climate Week is all about it.

Anyone with an IQ bigger than their hatband knows that global climate change is real and its impact on Utah is something that should scare us all. (Unfortunately, many Utah politicians have woefully small heads.) The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says temperature records are being broken right and left and the 17 warmest years…

This One Goes to 11: With new digs, Skullcandy’s helping PC Stay Loud.

Complete silence is disorienting. Standing on a grid of suspended wires, surrounded in all dimensions by a labyrinth of geometric features in the center of an Eckel audiometric testing room, I was mortified at the sound of my own voice with zero reflection to dull the edges, but I was nonetheless awestruck by the sonic void in the heart of Skullcandy’s new headquarters in Park City.

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