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Steve Graff: Making Mountains into Playgrounds

Whether you’re at Deer Valley laying edges into perfect corduroy or peeling off tire knobs through a perfect berm, you can rest assured Steve Graff has a hand in your fun. Graff has been Deer Valley’s Ski Patrol Director since 2000 and he’s been steering Utah’s mountain-bike revolution since 1994.

Off-Road Car Camping in Utah

Off-Road Car Camping is booming in Utah. From the end of World War II through the 1960s, Americans had a passionate love affair with the highway. The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 spawned thousands of miles of interstate highways connecting every major city. Never mind that the initiative was spurred by fears of nuclear…

Our Favorite Ski Resorts in Salt Lake

Your arrival in Salt Lake puts you in the only winter destination in North America that offers skiers and snowboarders four world-class resorts just minutes away from metropolitan accommodations and amenities. Brighton Ski Resort Brighton provides perfect powder, three terrain parks, an outstanding ski school and superb grooming, which add up to maximum ski and…

Ski (all of) Utah Brian Head: Like stepping out of a hot tub time machine

Thirteen resorts into our 14-resorts-in-7-days ski adventure, one thing had become very clear: There is no single ski area that is remotely like any other in this state.   To be certain, there is some overlap — the off-piste offerings at Solitude and Snowbird. The magnificent lodges at Snowbasin and Deer Valley. The laid-back-on-the-lift, hard-core-on-the-slopes…