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Dec 20th 2010

So that's why Redford chose Utah

Thanks to AMC, I watched Jeremiah Johnson a fair bit this summer - wondering, as all Redford fans do, if the whole wander-in-the-woods/existential thing is merely a reflection of Redford's better self - or, to bring it home, if he just bought land out here in the '60s because it was cheap, and one thing led to another. Read More

Dec 16th 2010

SLC firm razzes year's worst ads

SLC-based Crowell Advertising & PR threw down its annual wink-wink/nudge-nudge at other ad companies for epic 2010 fails (What, you guys all a bunch of Dick Whitmans or somethin'?!) Read More

Dec 15th 2010

Overstock number 9 on US News' top 50 companies to work for

Move over Google, Goldman Sachs and Apple, SLC-based cracked US News' top 10 best companies to work for in the US (the survey was based on company employees and produced by, a Web site that offers insight into careers and companies, as well as job listings.) Read More

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