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Welcome to Small Lake City Concerts. Here you will find exclusive music videos with local musicians.

Timmy The Teeth

Music: Timmy The TeethAll the best. Video: Natalie Simpson.

“I wear a cowboy hat” laughs Utah County based singer-songwriter Timmy The Teeth. “A lot of times people think I’m country because of the clothes I wear. I wouldn’t say I’m country, but we have a little twang in our songs. I guess I’m just a singer of songs. What comes out, comes out”.

Timmy The Teeth

Music: Timmy The Teeth- I don’t know. Video: Natalie Simpson.

“I just write about what I feel or what happens in my life,” Teeth continues. “I fear that I’ll become stagnant and I won’t have anything to write about. It’s scary to become complacent or to become comfortable”.