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Canyon Country Solitaire

Feb 24, 2016 /

For what feels like eons, I’ve been trying to get someone to take my picture. Handing a DSLR camera to a stranger is like giving a toddler a Rubik’s cube and expecting success. I’m desperate enough to offer someone my cracked iPhone. It met its fractured fate a week prior as I dashed out of […]

Getaway to Green River

May 1, 2015 /

Perhaps you have only bothered to stop in Green River to fill up your tank. Though it may appear not much is going on in this sleepy hamlet, if you venture off the main drag, some surprises await. The eponymous river that gives this town life runs right through its heart. Providing irrigation for the […]

Getaway: Ketchum, Idaho

Aug 1, 2014 /

Flanking the Big Wood River and shadowed by Bald Mountain, Ketchum and the adjacent Sun Valley Resort are small enough to explore by foot or bike but are crammed with a summer’s worth of activities. Holding a wedding or family reunion here allows planning something for everyone to enjoy. Photo by Kirk Marshall  Called “the […]