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Off-Road Car Camping in Utah

Off-Road Car Camping is booming in Utah. From the end of World War II through the 1960s, Americans had a passionate love affair with the highway. The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 spawned thousands of miles of interstate highways connecting every major city. Never mind that the initiative was spurred by fears of nuclear…

Move Over, Moab

Gooseberry Mesa Trail near Hurricane, Utah; photo by Andreas Siegel  When the mountain biking craze rolled from Marin County to Moab in the ’80s, the tiny town quickly became the prime location for two-wheeled adventure in Utah. Furnished with lilting slickrock and heart-pounding trails, for decades Moab was the best terrain riders anywhere could imagine….

Take a Hike: Parley’s “Dog” Creek to Suicide Rock

Distance: About 3 miles for both the Creek trail and the Suicide Rock trail into The Reservoir. Time: If you’re just taking your dog to splash with canine counterparts and heading back, about an hour, add an extra half hour to  if you’re planning to visit the highly-vandalized, but locally renowned Suicide Rock and The Reservoir,…

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