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Essential Oils: Utah’s Whacky New Religion

The newest issue of New Yorker magazine explores the exploding business (or craze, as some would say,) of essential oils. The article focuses on two of the world’s biggest essential oil companies: Young Living and doTerra—both based in Utah and both multilevel marketing schemes. If you live in the Salt Lake Valley, you’ve probably smelled…

Find Your Center with Summer Yoga at The Gateway

Starting May 7, The Gateway and Schloé Yoga Salt Lake City will be holding free weekly yoga classes, every Sunday at 9 am at The Gateway fountain. The event is geared toward bringing the community together in a meaningful way through music, exercise and relaxation. Schloé Yoga’s unique post-modern approach to yoga incorporates free-flowing movements…

Going gently into the night: For now, Death with Dignity is a lost cause in Utah

“I don’t want to die,” says John Scharf, who recently received a terminal cancer diagnosis.  The Davis County man is receiving all possible treatments to extend his life, but says, “If can’t take care of my family, feed my chickens and play with my grandkids, I want to leave in a humane and dignified manner.”…

Utah Legislature Opts for Unsafe Sex—Again.

The Utah Legislature’s mortification at the idea sexy talk is so extreme the House education committee this week fell on the grenade, so to speak, to protect the full House from discussing the facts of life. House Bill 215 that would have allowed an extremely tame version of reproductive health instruction in public schools was cock blocked before it could even…

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