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Sugar Fix

Aug 10, 2016 /

Who wants to give up a daily afternoon treat or a sugary afterwork cocktail? No one really wants to give up anything that brings them pleasure, but if you are reading this then you are interested in what is really going on with the controversy over sugar. Sugar is a drug. It’s addictive and causes […]

App Your Way into Shape

Jun 30, 2016 /

Our phones have not only become a main source of verbal and visual communication they have also become the main source of daily information. Help yourself and get motivated by downloading a few apps that will assist in creating a more conducive mind space for exercise. Whether you are into music, books, games or goals […]

Get Fit as a Family

Jun 1, 2016 /

After being stuck in the gym all winter long, I relish the first spring walks, runs, hikes and bike rides. Everything is renewed. The air is clean and smells of blossoms and foliage. The dewy mornings with their pink sunrises lure me outside as soon as the first light leaks through my windows. As the […]

Summer Holiday Health

May 18, 2016 /

With Memorial Day just around the corner and the upcoming summer BBQs and vacations inching closer and closer, many of us are thinking about all the time for lounging, eating amazing meals, sharing drinks with friends, and the array of beautiful desserts that will vanish off our plate. The holidays and vacations are meant for […]