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Beauty Buff: Let’s Get Nude

Jul 8, 2016 /

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: StingRaye, $6.00 The search is always on for a classic red lip. For me, that ship has sailed. Red is a beautiful color that looks fantastic on everyone, but me. Not that I can’t find a good red.  I have four-hundred- zillion shades of red lipstick just hankerin for a night […]

Beauty Buff: Let’s Get Baked

Apr 15, 2016 /

If you’ve ever logged in to the www, you may have heard about a technique called baking. Historically, baking has been used primarily in the Drag community. A heavy layer of powder is applied over foundation/concealer and allowed to “bake” for several minutes to set and hold makeup under hot stage lights. This torch has […]

Beauty Buff: Primer—Just Do It

Mar 24, 2016 /

When I was working at a cosmetics counter I was always surprised to see where people put a priority on spending money. For instance: someone would have no problem spending $60 on an eyeshadow quad but they wouldn’t spend money on a good eye cream. Ladies will spend $40 on a good red lipstick and wash […]

Don’t Try This At Home: Contouring

Mar 14, 2016 /

The trend is to contour, pronounced Kon-too-r, not Kun-tuu-r (you know who you are… just stop it right now.) Contouring is currently the thing. It’s all over the interwebs. It’s on YouTube, Instagram, those dang Kardashians and the second you walk into Sephora you are bombarded with contour palettes. Well, I am here to tell […]