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Utah: Sweden’s No.1 Comrade

Feb 23, 2017 /

Who would have thought that Sweden, a socialistic society that thinks nudity is A-OK, would have anything in common with arch-conservative, prudish Utah, outside of a disproportionate number of blond, boring people who listen to Abba? Well, here’s a fun fact to know and tell: Sweden, like Utah, has a government monopoly on alcohol. Sweden, like […]

Dishes by Clark Marshall

Feb 22, 2017 /
Chances are good you've eaten from one of Clark Marshall's bowls or plates—Pallet Bistro, Table X, Handle, Provisions, HSL, Stoneground, Tupelo and the late Forage have all used his simple, elegant stoneware to present their food. Marshall, an artist who studied ceramics at Utah State University and Renaissance art history in Florence, is a gastronome. [...]

Old New Orleans – Music, Mardi Gras, and Food

Feb 21, 2017 /

The city’s pleasures, from sublime to ridiculous, are at their best right now, just before Mardi Gras. Begin with beignets. This is sound advice for anyone visiting New Orleans. The beignet’s almost vulgar appeal—fried dough, chewy and hot, blanketed with powdered sugar and served with strong coffee—is offset by old-world elegance and delicacy. A great […]

2017 Dining Award Winner: Manoli’s

Feb 21, 2017 /

Greek hospitality has been famous since ancient times, a cultural tradition passed down from generation to generation.  Manoli Katsanevas was raised in the Salt Lake City Greek community, which upholds the law of xenia. There’s an old-fashioned wide-open welcome feel to the cafe he runs with his wife Katrina Cutrubus. But this is a place […]