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Del Mar Al Lago

  • Salt Lake Magazine
  • Food
  • Jul 19, 2017

Del Mar Al Lago A gem from Peru—the best selection of cebicha in town, plus other probably unexplored culinary territory deliciously mapped out by Frederick Perez and his team. 310 Bugatti Drive, SLC, 801-467-2890. $$ ESCAPE AT DEL MAR AL LAGO. Our Peruvian cebicheria serves classic Peruvian cuisine, hand-crafted cocktails–try our Pisco Sour–and amazing homemade desserts….

DUI or “Driving While Old”?

Updated Yesterday, the American Beverage Institute (ABI) announced a full-page advertisement in the Salt Lake Tribune. This ad, along with one run earlier this year (above), “Utah: Come for Vacation, Leave on Probation,” oppose Utah’s move to lower the blood-alcohol level from .08 to .05. The ads also really annoy Utah’s tourist and visitors’ bureaus. ABI’s…

3 Reasons to Love the Heat

  • Kayla Vidal
  • FoodFun
  • Jul 11, 2017
photo by Adam Finkle

As you complain about the heat, remember it’s bringing Utah’s marquee fruits and berries to delicious maturity. Right now, Green River watermelons are reaching markets around the state. (You may have seen alleged Green River melons before the Fourth—but they are fraudulent.) It’s a tasteful tradition that once peak-ripening season hits, people travel from as…