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Understanding Utah’s Gun Love

On Dec. 14, 2012, when 27 children died at the hands of a madman with a semi-automatic rifle in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, Salt Lake magazine hit newsstands with a major feature exploring what we called “Gun Lovin’ Utah.” The timing—the magazine hit newsstands the same day as the massacre—concurrent with the largest mass murder in…

John Dehlin on excommunication, Mormon shunning and rebuilding a spiritual life.

John Dehlin, a psychologist and researcher best-known for his 12-year run of podcasts Mormon Stories that tries to answer questions members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have about their faith, was excommunicated by the LDS Church as an apostate more than a year ago. Following his excommunication, Dehlin and his family…

KRCL’s Station Manager Vicki Mann Out

The mystery of “Bad” Brad Wheeler’s abrupt departure from community radio station KRCL has still not been completely explained to listerners, volunteers and donors. But it only expands with news that Station Manager Vicki Mann has left the station. Mann, see by many as Wheeler’s nemesis, resigned June 30, KRCL Board Chairman Chip Luman confirmed…

Teen Chess Prodigy Competes Again

Utah teenager, Kayden Troff, is headed to the U.S. Junior Championship–the country’s most elite, invitation-only junior chess competition. The stakes are fairly high for Troff, who could potentially walk away with the $20,600 cash prize and a guaranteed invite to the 2018 U.S. Chess Championship. This event is happening at the Chess Club and Scholastic…

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