Caffe Niche Recipe


About Caffe Niche: Caffe Niche is a modern neighborhood restaurant just blocks from downtown Salt Lake City and on the TRAX line. Stylish and affordable, it is a favorite with locals. CIA trained Chef/Owner Ethan Lappé creates cutting edge, but approachable, cuisine that is local, natural, fresh and honest. He works closely with local farmers, ranchers and fisheries in an effort to truly "do things right."  The clean, simple cuisine shines in his inspired small plates presentations and more traditional fare. A true "local's secret" restaurant, Niche serves a wide range of guests, from business breakfasts to casual lunches to leisurely "Niche at Night" dinners that will enthrall everyone's inner foodie. In summer, diners can enjoy Niche's new patio and artist exhibitions change monthly.

Caffe Niche is located on the corner of 779 East and 300 South / 801-433-3380 / Facebook: CaffeNicheSLC

Niche: (Noun) Suitable place for somebody: a position or activity that particularly suits somebody's talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own.