Soil in Southwestern Colorado was given its complexity by the changing path of the Colorado River, and vintners in Palisade boast of the “million dollar breeze” that blows out of the Book Cliffs and prevents frost during cooler growing months.

From dry to sweet, these four wineries pride themselves on making superior vino.

Canyon Wind Cellars (3907 N. River Rd., Palisade, 970-464-0888, is known for its dry reds; you won’t find fruity wines here. 

Carlson Vineyards’ (461 35 Rd., Palisade, 970-464-5554, friendly atmosphere makes it one of the best spots to try the area’s fruit-infused wines. The Palisade Peach varietal is especially excellent.

Mesa Park Vineyards (3321 C Rd., Palisade, 970-434-4191, was bought by a family of dreamers in 2008 and they have been perfecting their craft into some impressive cabernet francs.

Maison La Belle Vie Winery (3575 G Rd., Palisade, 970- 361-6022, wins the award for “quaintest” tasting room, set back in a shady grove plays at French style as do its wines.

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