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Local Business Spotlight: Sea Salt & The Paris

Sep 24th 2013

Local Business Spotlight: Sea Salt & The Paris

Restaurant owner Eric DeBonis gives diners an experience where food isn't just prepared, it's crafted. He hopes diners can come and experience a celebration of authentic French and Italian wine and dining. Read More

Feb 08th 2011

More Heart-y Options for V-Day

More ways to eat and say I love you at the same time. Only don't talk with your mouth full. And kids-some advice-don't kiss with your mouth full either. My first "real" kiss was ruined by ballpark mustard, and I haven't gotten over it yet. Read More

Dec 07th 2010

Chestnuts roasting...

I've been singing about chestnuts every Christmas since I could warble, but I've eaten very few chestnuts. Probably because between 1940 and 1944 all but a few American chestnut trees were wiped out  by chestnut blight. I'm not THAT old. Read More

Nov 22nd 2010

What I Ate: Local eggs at Caputo's on 15th

(thanks to Vintage Mixer for the foto) When my husband and I moved to the 15th & 15th neighborhood last year, we were thrilled to move into built-in restaurant territory. When neither of us wants to cook, Mazza beckons for a takeout lunch, and Fresco and The Paris are two minutes up the street for a pleasant dinner. The neighborhood's only drawback is its early-morning offerings: take your pick between Einstein's bagels or Starbucks. Both places are hopping with our neighbors every morning, but we just can't bring ourselves to join that club. Yes, I am a snob: I prefer my coffee local and my bagels truly steamed, thanks. So you can imagine my glee when Caputo's on 15th announced that they would start serving breakfast on the weekends. It's a nice place for a quick bite to eat before you head out for errands on a weekend. The bright space is matched by a pretty limited breakfast menu: Your choices are basically an egg sandwich or a kouing aman imported from downtown's Les Madeleines. Both options are great for a quick morning bite. The kouing aman needs no introduction and shatters just as beautifully as you'd expect. The egg sandwich comes on nicely toasted buttered bread, with melted provolone, gran biscotto ham and - this is what really sells me - fried eggs from Provo's Clifford Farm. (thanks to cosmohippiechef for the image) There may be another place in town to get local eggs for breakfast, but I don't know of one. As a reformed vegan who's still a little skeeved by industrial farming, I really appreciate this. I love the Caputo organization for sticking to their principles for sourcing their ingredients. Because oh yum, these eggs are good. So far, though, my husband and I seem to be the only ones who've gotten the memo. In a month of Sundays, we've only seen one other customer pick up a sandwich in the morning. Part of this may be a signage problem—according to the posted hours, the deli doesn't open until 10 on Sundays. But with the recent closure of downtown's Caputo's By Night, we realize how much these small local startup ventures need our patronage to stay in business. We would really like to be able to enjoy our local egg sandwich on Caputo's patio next summer. Please, please, please, help keep these egg sandwiches coming and come out to Caputo's some morning soon. Also: the coffee comes from Millcreek Roasters. So even if you don't want breakfast, at least come fill up your mug with local brew instead of Einstein's "Darn Good Coffee" or Starbucks' latest milkshake/coffee drink. ___________________________________ Read More

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