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Aug 27th 2010

127 Hours Trailer: James Franco, Moab, Right Here

It's hard to forget about Aron Ralston, the confident mountaineer who amputated his own arm during a climbing accident in Blue John Canyon. While Ralston was canyoneering, a boulder fell and pinned his arm against the canyon wall. After five days of futilely trying to extricate himself, he broke his arm before cutting through the soft tissue with a cheap multi-use tool. Read More

Jul 15th 2010

Danny Boyle wraps Ralston biopic in Utah

'K, so we poached part of this tidbit from the AP, you know - all about how Utah growing its movie biz to more than 1,200 jobs created in the last year pumping in $53 mil. into the economy during 23 production days. Read More

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