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Jan 21st 2011

Day 1 2011 Outdoor Retailer Opens For Business

And so the chaos begins. I headed down to the Salt Palace; about an hour late because I wanted to grab my Sundance press credential beforehand. That way I could stay down at the show and not have to rush back before Headquarters closed at 6 p.m. One of these days it would be nice if the OR folks clued in and moved the event to a weekend that doesn't conflict with Sundance or the Ski Industries of America show in Denver (that one starts next Wednesday). Read More

Jan 08th 2011

Day Two of the Wizarding World of Gadgets at CES

Nothing like starting your morning with a computer engineer talking your ear off about what's going into the cars of our future. Huh? Where's my coffee?? We headed to the outdoor arena where a company called Visteon had gathered their latest prototypes to display to car manufacturers like Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, et al. Navigation systems that also keep a maintenance log and report back to you when something on your car is going to burn out. It could tell you how much further you could drive before destroying your tranny. Or how about slipping your iPad into your dash and it becomes your center console? A big thing at the CES in Las Vegas this weekend is car technology. Read More

Dec 28th 2010

One Million To The Utah Food Bank??

Help raise cash for the Utah Food Bank but act fast! Walmart has $1 million to hand out to the neediest city and right now we're number two behind Fresno, Calif. The contest hit the streets in May with a decry by Walmart and the Walmart Foundation to spread $2 billion in cash and in-kind treats to help end hunger by 2015. It all ends December 31. Read More

Nov 01st 2010

Sufjan Stevens Sold Out Tonight, Neon Trees Tomorrow

As always in Salt Lake, the music never stops. If you can score a ticket to tonight's Sufjan Stevens concert at Kingsbury Hall, venture forth! As we said in the current issue of Salt Lake Magazine, Stevens is definitely worth a listen - intelligent, interesting, fantastical. The show is sold out, but I'm a firm believer in "anything's possible." The show starts at 8 p.m.. Read More

Oct 19th 2010

Tyler Hilton: Concert Review, Video, Interview, All For You

Elvis in Walk the Line, sure, but it's hard to believe Tyler Hilton played surly Murphy in the 2007 indie flick, Charlie Bartlett. Hilton played the school bully, complete with mohawk and fisty-cuffs at the ready. Don't get me wrong, Hilton's acting was great, but you couldn't find a nicer actor out there, and especially one who's also a singer/songwriter who doesn't just pen his own music, but who writes uplifting, the-world-is-your-oyster lyrics to boot. Read More

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