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Dec 09th 2010

Kid-friendly Next 96: Christmas comes early

Not long before all the presents need to be under your tree, but since you're so anxious to start the giving, this weekend is the perfect time to start for the kids. Take them to see this year's hit Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore at the Main Library a new Christmas play or to the zoo to see Santa Claus...not to mention the Zoolights! display up now through New Year's. Read More

Dec 01st 2010

Kid-friendly Next 96: Reindeer in the Hive!

Christmas is right around the corner and Chanukah is in full swing, which is why Rabbi Benny Zippel is hosting Chanukah on Ice at the Gallivan Center this Sunday, and Santa's reindeer are living up the last days of their vacation at Discovery Gateway and Utah's Hogle Zoo this weekend. Kick it all off with a movie at the City Library...not one with a holiday theme exactly, but it does have the North Pole. Read More

Nov 18th 2010

Kid-friendly Next 96: Mini film critics/Harry Potter premiere weekend!

Kids are more honest than anyone when it comes to reviewing movies. They'll fall asleep if it's boring, complain if it's confusing and recite the entire script line by line for the next month when they really, really like it...unlike some adult critics who change their write-up once they see Rotten Tomatoes or Ebert posts online. Read More

Oct 21st 2010

Kid-friendly Next 96: Creatures of the Night

Oct. 22 is completely packed with events, but luckily UMFA's new exhibit will be on display all weekend and clear until February if you're looking for more to do on Saturday. Dress up as a creature of the night and learn about the nocturnal forest creatures at Ogden Nature Center, see the world's greatest detective at The Children's Theatre and watch chimp astronauts save the day at the City Library. Read More

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