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Signs and Signals

Jun 18th 2012

Signs and Signals

Utah's light rail system is among the worst in accidents and deaths across the nation. The UTA has stepped in with a pervasive safety campaign, fines, and a system-wide revamp. But will people pay attention? Read More

Apr 25th 2011

Watch for motorcycles!

It's getting warmer. Kids are playing in the streets. People are out and about more often. And motorcycles are showing up on the road. There are countless reasons for drivers to pay more attention. Read More

Apr 07th 2011

Zero Fatalities Summit looking for sponsors, donors

I was pulled over a couple days ago, and I wouldn't have gotten a ticket but took off my seat belt when I pulled to the shoulder. Just sort of a force of habit to unclick when I'm stopping the car. After all, what if he asked me to step out? And really, it was on the whole day. Read More

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