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Dance At The Arts Fest

Jun 22nd 2012

Dance At The Arts Fest

Starting tonight through Sunday their are four dance companies that you wont want to miss at the Utah Arts Festival. Their is also a chance for you to have your own 8 seconds of fame on the Festival Stage from 1-2pm daily through Sun. Read More

Jan 06th 2012

My Turkey Sandwich Is Back On The Menu

When you think of the SLC dance scene, you probably think only about the big four: Ballet West, Repertory Dance Theatre, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company and Odyssey. But there are a few smaller companies made up of many members from the above four companies that are at the forefront of new choreography in Salt Lake. One of such company is My Turkey Sandwich. Read More

Nov 19th 2010

Artsy Weekend Entertainment

TGIF! If your anything like us you've been counting the hours, minutes and seconds down until the weekend since.....8.a.m. on Monday. Of course, now that the weekend is upon us, you have nothing to do, right? Instead of sitting at home with the cat and re-runs of 'The Nanny' on TBS (okay, maybe that one's just me...) get out and experience the arts that SLC has to offer. Here's just a few options to keep you from you with bonding with Fran and Kitty. Read More

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