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Party for Recovery, 2012

Apr 29th 2012

Party for Recovery, 2012

The Rape Recovery Center held the pARTy for Rape Recovery on April 27, raising funds to empower victims of rape and sexual violence. Read More

May 02nd 2011

Partying at the pARTy for Rape Recovery

The Rape Recovery Center staff assists clients every day of the year, with a waiting list and phones always ringing—which they definitely encourage, yet still no state funding. Click here for our photo gallery of the evening. Read More

Apr 26th 2011

We'll see you at the pARTy for Rape Recovery

Utah is second highest in the nation, per capita, for the number of women who have been victims of sexual violence in their lifetime. Just one shocking statistic on my ticket to the pARTy for Rape Recovery on April 29. Read More

Apr 05th 2011

How to get your face in SLmag this week

We're sending photographers to three events this week for People Pix. And since they're all at different times, you can go to each one and pretty much guarantee your spot in our print People pages. All three will be used for online galleries. Read More

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