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Jul 18th 2011

Ice Cream Parlor of the Week: Sub Zero Ice Cream

Nitro Sub Zero Ice Cream Owner: Jerry Hancock Jerry Hancock was mulling over the idea of opening up an ice cream shop, but wanted to step up his game against competitors. With the help of his chemistry background, Jerry concocted a scientific concept, allowing customers to pick the fat content and consistency of their desired flavor by freezing the frozen treat with liquid nitrogen right before their eyes. "It's kind of your own experiment; you walk in and make anything you want," Jerry says. 200 South Town Centre Drive, Provo, 801-494-0988. Other locations. Read More

Mar 31st 2011

Put a Local Band on the Cover of Rolling Stone Mag

The cover of Rolling Stone Magazine is more or less the crowning glory for a pop culture icon to really know they've 'made it'. Michael, Madonna, Britney and...yes, even Snookie have all graced the iconic front cover in their prime. Rolling Stone may, in fact, just be one of the most prominent magazines of all time, covering everything from music, politics and pop culture for over 40 years. Read More

Jan 06th 2011

January Gallery Strolls

It's a way to connect the community with local artists and it happens every January. The January Gallery Stroll (or various versions thereof) features special exhibits, art events and more while showcasing artists. From Park City to Provo, there's a lot going on. (Photo courtesy of Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll) Read More

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