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Sundance Contest: Score Star Schwag

Jan 18th 2013

Sundance Contest: Score Star Schwag

So maybe us regular folks can't talk our way into all the glam lounges set up for the Hollywood set. Don't fret... SLM has your hook up. Send us your best shots of celebrities roaming Main Street and Park City during the Sundance, and you could win a bag full of schwag. Just like the stars. Read More

Jan 05th 2011

Top 10 People pix of 2010

I send photographers out for online galleries and the People section, just one of the cool things I get to do here at Salt Lake magazine. So, I get the first look at the best (and most awkward) pics from events we cover. Read More

Aug 27th 2010

127 Hours Trailer: James Franco, Moab, Right Here

It's hard to forget about Aron Ralston, the confident mountaineer who amputated his own arm during a climbing accident in Blue John Canyon. While Ralston was canyoneering, a boulder fell and pinned his arm against the canyon wall. After five days of futilely trying to extricate himself, he broke his arm before cutting through the soft tissue with a cheap multi-use tool. Read More

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