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Oct 30th 2010

Park City Haunted House on Main- Part 1

Boo, it's Halloween already. Lucky for fans it falls on a Sunday in Utah so we get two full days of costumes, candies and parties. So do you stay inside all weekend and avoid? Hang a sign on your door that says, "come back tomorrow, Halloween is Sunday?" Well, boo (hoo) to you. As long as the weather holds, there's too much going on for us to stay home. Personally, I hate dressing up. It's hard enough to get out of my lounge pants let alone wrack my brain for creative costumes. I dressed my boyfriend up as Speed Racer one year. He looked amazing and not a single person knew who he was. That definitely zaps a person's verve for future Halloween characters. Read More

Oct 30th 2010

Costumed Kids Invade Park City's Main Street-Halloween Part 2

One of the most fun things to do if you've got little ones is to head up to Main Street in Park City. There's never a lot of advertising about this one but somehow THOUSANDS of people bring their costumed goblins and superheros to the trick-or-treating extravaganza. Read More

Oct 26th 2010

Review Muah ha ha ha: Pioneer Theatre's Dracula

You usually don't expect to be spooked at the theater unless you're on a Halloween ghost tour and you know the place is haunted. Pioneer Theatre Company's Dracula (running now through Nov. 6), however, might make you squirm and put a chill in your veins. Read More

Oct 25th 2010

Log "Haunted" Haven does All Hallow's Eve

The kiddo's are probably all geared up and raring to go door to door to gather up the candy this weekend, but what about those of us who outgrew the costumes a good...10 years ago? Yes, those of us who remember the haunted forest resembling that of 'Sleepy Hollow'....those of us who still are just a little spooked by the idea of the headless horseman. Read More

Oct 18th 2010

Spooktacular Sushi at Mikado

Packing peanuts and a garbage bag make an easy sushi Halloween costume, and now two local sushi restaurants invite kids to dress up their food as well. Read More

Oct 11th 2010

Odyssey Dance Theatre presents "Thriller"

Friday night I had the opportunity to see Odyssey Dance Company's 'spooktacular' production of Thriller for the seventh time in four years. The Company put on a special performance at Park City's 'Egyptian Theatre', an apparently haunted venue, adding additional thrill and fright to a much anticipated October past time. The show, in it's 13th year, is a Salt Lake City Halloween staple for many. The fright-inspired dance compilation has even developed somewhat of a cult following and has received 'Best of State' awards. Read More

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