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Jan 28th 2011

The Science of Asylum 49's Ghosts and Spirits

Gathering courage, I headed to Asylum 49 in Tooele for their first monthly A.P.I (Asylum Paranormal Investigators) Meetup this year on Thursday night. The goal this time was to "talk tech." Most of the 30 people or so were paranormal investigators or experts. Sure, it's a fringe group, but curiosity compelled me to stay. Read More

Aug 02nd 2010

Now Hiring Spooky Storytellers

For years, I've wanted to go on a ghost tour in Utah, but couldn't figure out how. Luckily for me, after years of tedious searching, I was asked to blog about auditions at Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours. I'm excited, because now I have their Web address. But it's also an opportunity for other ghost story lovers. Read More

Jul 30th 2010

Face in the Fire

I know it's not even close to being Halloween, but I was uploading photos from my camping trip to Dry Bread Pond, just about an hour and a half northeast of SLC, when my friend pointed out a mysterious face in the campfire... I am f'n creeped out by it. Read More

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