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Local Haunt: Not just witches at Gardner Village

Oct 31st 2012

Local Haunt: Not just witches at Gardner Village

Archibald Gardner, one of Utah’s original settlers, actually got the first commercial water rights in Utah for his West Jordan Mill—now Country Furniture & Gifts at Gardner Village. Some say he’s still there, looking after the property. Read More

Oct 09th 2011

Ghost of the Week: The Ghost of Every Blooming Thing

Salt Lake magazine spent way too much time gathering ghost stories and info on local haunts for the Haunted Beehive story in the September/October issue (on stands now). We did such a good job, no way could it all fit in eight pages. So, we have been posting those extras on every week until Halloween. Read More

Jul 30th 2010

Face in the Fire

I know it's not even close to being Halloween, but I was uploading photos from my camping trip to Dry Bread Pond, just about an hour and a half northeast of SLC, when my friend pointed out a mysterious face in the campfire... I am f'n creeped out by it. Read More

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