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Dec 08th 2011

Get Your Dance On with an Inside Look At Ririe Woodbury's Prism

Last week I had the privilege of attending a preview of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s “Prism.” At the event I saw a short preview of “But Seriously…” a work that is still in progress. It’s really a unique and fun experience to see a work that is still coming together, especially when it’s a collaborative piece with an architect, a stand-up comedian and a choreographer. A work like this is particularly challenging for the dancers who are used to taking their cues from music, rather than spoken prose, especially something like stand-up comedy. The combination creates a really fresh and new approach to modern dance. Read More

Dec 02nd 2010

All about the Madness

The long-awaited premier of Cipher takes the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center (138 W. Broadway, SLC) stage from Dec 16-18 (7:30 p.m. and a 2 p.m. Saturday matinee). You won't want to miss this. Promised to be a rare, yet distinct blend of contemporary music, dance, story-telling, and an amazing continuously morphing of stages' Ririe Woodbury Dance Company will take you there. The story: madness.Envision the choreography of Charlotte Boye-Christensen collaborated with the famed work of local author David Kranes and architect Nathan Webster. The artistic expression and atmosphere provided by any one of these three masterminds is well worth the ticket price. Salt Lake magazine offers you two tickets for the price of one. Use the ticket code SLMAG (all caps) at ArtTix. Come and enjoy an illuminating look at choice and revelation encountered at a young age relating to madness. See you there. Read More

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