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Sundance: Overheard at Sundance Part 5

Jan 27th 2013

Sundance: Overheard at Sundance Part 5

We asked our Twitter followers to share the funny, gross, stupid and amazing things they overheard at this year's festival. We also kept our ears open. This is the fifth and final web post of those tweets. Read More

Sundance Contest: Score Star Schwag

Jan 18th 2013

Sundance Contest: Score Star Schwag

So maybe us regular folks can't talk our way into all the glam lounges set up for the Hollywood set. Don't fret... SLM has your hook up. Send us your best shots of celebrities roaming Main Street and Park City during the Sundance, and you could win a bag full of schwag. Just like the stars. Read More

Jan 19th 2011

Who's Coming to Sundance 2011?

I'm talking to my mom. So who's going to be in town this week she asks? I'm talking to a friend in SLC, my boyfriend's brother, a fellow writer in New York, same thing. Everyone wants to know what celebs are coming to Utah...for no other reason but to stare. What is it about celebrities we find so fascinating?? I once shared a small ladies room sink in the Treasure Mountain Inn with Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill). She smiled and complimented my boots. Anne Heche passed by on her way to the Con-air styling booth and never looked up. But I spotted her. Kevin Sorbo was so close behind me as I walked up Main Street that I could hear his breath. Paris Hilton walked in front of my car near Deer Valley's Snow Park Lodge. Read More

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