The Sundance Film Festival is off and rolling and even if you've got the Mother of All Passes that gets you into everything—you'll want to spend your limited time wisely. There's just too much to see.

As for the hundreds of fans who are betting on the wait-list game (truly a PITA), you'll want to marshall your money, time, patience and dumb luck to see the best possible flicks through Saturday.

Here's our Don't Miss List :

Don Jon's Addiction—Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes all Jersey Shore!

Twenty Feet from Stardom—Amazing music, a story that needed to be told about some of America's music history.

Pussy Riot—Amazing access by filmmakers in russian "hooliganism" case.

In A World—A genuinely funny comedy by Lake Bell, with some outstanding performances throughout.

Manhunt—The documentary prequel to "Zero Dark Thirty" in which the spies look like your second-grade teacher.

Austenland—It's a Utah love fest! Directed by local Jerusha Hess, adapted from a book by Salt Lake native Shannon Hale and produced by BYU grad and Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.

Toy's House—Simply excellent.

The East—Finally, a spy thriller for freegans.

New Frontier–Everyone can get into this free exhibit of the cutting edge of digital story telling, including the mesmerizing "Eyjafjallajokull" (the volcano in Iceland) and "What's He Building in There?" which is projected on the exterior of the New Frontier warehouse at dusk every day.

The Way Way Back- If there is going to be one sure-fire commercial hit to emerge from Sundance 2013, it will be The Way Way Back.