The Big Benny at Lucky 13

The Lucky 13 Challenge:

You might want to reassess your gastronomical capabilities before you commit to Lucky 13’s namesake challenge, which has never been conquered since it was launched in 2009. Defeating the meat—both the super spicy 2 ½-pound Lucky 13 Burger and the foot-tall Big Benny—not only comes with bragging rights and a free meal but a $500 cash prize, too. Here’s how it works: 

1. Let your server know you’re stepping up to the challenge.

2. Sign the waiver and release of liability. (This is no joke.)

3. Begin eating. You have one hour from your first bite to finish both burgers—and the fries. 

4. Complete the challenge, and your photo will hang on the wall of fame. Not successful? Fork over $34 for the two burgers and see your photo hung on the densely populated wall of shame. 

Lucky 13, 135 W. 1300 South, SLC, 801-487-4418

Expert Advice: Lucky 13 co-owner, Rob Dutton, shares his tips and tricks for tackling the never-conquered Lucky 13 Challenge: 

Tackle the spicier Lucky 13 Burger first and let the Big Benny mellow out the heat.

Don’t overdo the water. It just fills you up faster.

Train by eating mostly salad the day or two before.

Don’t waste time talking when you’re under the clock.

Don’t underestimate the challenge. It is a lot of food.

Come in and try to finish just one of the burgers before you commit to the challenge.

Still Hungry?

Try one of these over-the-top dishes for every meal of the day:

Breakfast: The Gawd Awful at Big Ed’s
An overflowing plate of hash browns and two scrambled eggs topped with chili, cheese, onions and a hearty dose of sour cream. 
SLC, 801-582-9045

Lunch: The Hogburger at Britton’s Restaurant
A thick hamburger with two grilled cheese sandwiches—one filled with onions and the other with tomatoes—as the bun.
Sandy, 801-572-5148

Dinner: Burrito Grande at Blue Iguana
A bigger-than-your-head burrito stuffed with meat, chile verde, rice and beans. Smothered with sauce.
SLC, 801-533-8900; Park City, 435-658-9830

Dessert: The Kitchen Sink Sundae at Angie’s Restaurant
A gallon of ice cream topped with bananas, whipped cream, nuts and cherries, plus an option of three toppings. Served in a sink dish. 
Logan, 435-752-9252

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