The October issue of Salt Lake magazine was wonderfully timely for me, as I’m just starting to teach my course in young adult literature for the fall semester. What a perfect resource to share with my students. The article (“Your Mom’s a Twihard”) includes a great list of Utah’s YA authors, too. I also noticed the issue’s Letters to the Editor, and one letter (October 2012, “More on Romney,” from John Dedolph) suggested that Salt Lake magazine should reflect “conservative Utah.” While Utah may be, on average, conservative, there’s truly a diverse population, and I appreciate Salt Lake magazine’s efforts to ensure that its articles reflect that diversity. Keep up the good work.

—Joyce Kinkead, professor of English at Utah State University


I would like to give kudos to my favorite “left leaning” Utah publication, as well as to respond to John Dedolph’s conservative criticism (October 2012, “More on Romney”). In the land of Zion, there are dozens of publications that cater to the Mormon population. However, for someone who thinks Mitt Romney is a moron, couldn’t care less about who made Eagle Scout and would never set foot in a Walmart, these magazines are nothing more than campfire fuel. This is what makes Salt Lake magazine such a printed prize. It’s a publication for the rest of us, as well as the best travel publication for the “normal” people who visit our state.

Like Mr. Dedolph, I too appreciate the restaurant reviews and attraction highlights. More than that I absolutely love the “liberal social agenda.” SLM is one of the only state publications that has the gall to poke fun at all the blatant Utah ridiculousness. Most of all, it reminds me there are other people—like myself—who have chosen to live in this beautiful state, drink at the bars, patronize the arts and support local restaurants and businesses. 

—Jessica McWhinnie, Logan


Thank you for including me in your Best of the Beehive issue (August 2012). It’s given me a lot of great exposure and is making a big difference in my business. I’ve even appeared on Ch. 4’s Good Things Utah to talk about the award. 

—Stephanie Neal of Stephanie Neal Photography

Thank you so much for including Becky Buchan in your Faces pages (December 2012). We absolutely love it and appreciate your support.

—Allyson Conklin, Principal at Allyson Conklin Public Relations

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