Can’t make it down to Moab for a little off-road adventure? A closer-to-home option at the Miller Motorsports Park north of Tooele has brought the southern adventure to the northern end of the state.

The park has built an off-road course on site and allows drivers to crawl over rocks, negotiate through valleys, over boulders, out of deep holes and up cliffs. Individuals can drive their own four-wheeled vehicle or one of the park’s Jeep Rubicons that have been highly modified for maximum off-road performance. The seven-acre rock crawling facility offers varying grades and difficulty levels to challenge drivers of all ability levels and can be rented out for private events.

If you’re not quite ready to tackle the course on your own, the track also offers classes in off-road driving, including the basic three-hour course, complete with lessons on safety and mechanical features and the simplest off-road experience. For info visit

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