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Scofield, Carbon County

The town’s best known among ghost hunters because of the mine explosion that killed 200 people on the morning of May 1, 1900. An accident caused 24 kegs of black powder to explode, and miners were burned, crushed or suffocated. Nearby towns joined the rescue effort, which lasted until the last body was found on May 12.

Of those killed in the disaster, 149 are buried in the cemetery, and some bodies were never found. It's rumored that some of those who were buried in the cemetery were given typo-laden or just plain incorrect grave markers.

Today, Scofield is almost a complete ghost town, with very few residents. Stories came up about a headless man (some say a victim of the mine disaster) haunting the area and mysterious lights in the cemetery at night.

We decided to take a look around the cemetery and town:

The road to Scofield is beautiful in the fall! UT-96 takes you straight through Scofield State Park, past Scofield Reservoir and straight into town.


A monument to those who died in the mine disaster, just outside the cemetery.

The gate to the Scofield Cemetery.

Both stone and wooden grave markers were created for the victims of the mine disaster. Unfortunately, wooden markers are cracking and/or losing the names.

Graves shaped like these are all over the cemetery to honor those killed in the Scofield Mine Disaster.

The Mountain Tavern, just one of the many vacant buildings in town.

Scofield Public School still stands. The town itself has been in decline since the 1920s.

Getting there: Take I-15 South to exit 258, and head east on US-6 (which is also US-89). When US-6 and US-89 split, stay on US-6. Make a right on UT-96. Keep going, and you'll eventually reach the town.