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Sandy City Cemetery

Supposedly, a local family loved their house right next to the Sandy City Cemetery—even though the TVs would turn on and off and doors would slam shut seemingly by themselves. In the mid '90s, the home was torn down to widen 9000 South, and workers found a surprise when it was removed—a grave and marker buried under the home.

Decades prior, locals say a man who got away with his wife's murder was buried in the cemetery after dying peacefully in his bed of old age. Even after his death, Sandy residents were so irate with the man that they dug him up and buried him outside the cemetery gates—on unhallowed ground.

Some say this particular grave is what the construction crew found under the home.

The cemetery is also a popular spot for ghost hunters. Many say it's one of the most "active" ghostly hotspots in the area. So we visited the cemetery at night to see if we could catch anything. We didn't notice anything we could say is paranormal, but then again, we're not pro ghost hunters. So if you are, take a look and let us know what you think:

Orbs from the street lights on this one, but take a look at these next two photos. They were taken back to back with the same exact flash settings from the same exact spot.

Orb to the left.

No orb to the left. It must have floated away. Or, you know, it was just a bit of moisture in the air, fuzz or a moth?


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