Salt Lake Magazine of Rosés2014-07-28T14:07:03+00:00Salt Lake magazine/blog/author/webintern/<p class="p1">The DABC wine stores started blushing last spring, and Salt Lake somms began pushing the pink drink.</p> <p class="p1"><a href="">The Copper Onion’s</a> winemeister <strong>Jimmy Santangelo</strong> features a special list of rosés all season long during his “Summer of Rosé,” a selection of rosé wines to go with the Onion’s warm-weather menu. Santangelo’s picks are mostly wines made by the saignée method (leaving the juice on the red skins to pick up their color) with a few made by coloring white wine with red wine. But none of them have the sweetness many Americans associate with what was called “blush” in the ‘80s. All the wines—from France, Italy, Napa and Sonoma—are dry and have the fruit friendliness and moderate alcohol levels that have made them a summertime favorite around the world.</p> <p class="p1">Here’s the list; these are all special order, meaning the DABC in its wisdom has declined to put them on the shelves.</p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="735" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/wt0c6870.jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p2"><strong>Jean Luc Colombo “Cape Bleue” Rosé, Provence, France, 2013.</strong> A pale pink blend of syrah and mourvedre.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Copain “Tous Ensemble” Rosé, Anderson Valley, 2013.</strong> Made from 100 percent pinot noir.</p> <p class="p1"><strong>St. Supéry Estate, Napa Valley, 2013.</strong> A melange of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, cabernet franc and–oddly–petit verdot.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Binomio “Cerasuolo” d’Abruzzo Superiore, Italy.</strong> Made from 100 percent montepulciano, resulting in a pomegranate (cerasuolo) color.</p> <p class="p1"><strong>Matthiasson, Napa Valley Rose, 2013.</strong> Grenache, syrah and mourvedre from single vineyards in Carneros and Napa.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Bedrock “Ode to Lulu” Ancient Vine, Sonoma Valley Rosé, 2013.</strong> From Morgan Peterson (Ravenswood’s Joel Peterson’s son), a mix of carignane, mourvedre and grenache.</p> <p class="p1">Next door at Copper Commons, they’ll be serving rosé from the keg, like they do their red and white.<em> 111 E. Broadway, SLC, 801-355-3282</em></p> <p class="p1"><a href="/in-the-magazine/august-2014/">Back&gt;&gt;&gt;Read other stories in our July/August 2014 issue.</a></p>Dan Nailen&#39;s Lounge Act: Gary Clark Jr. proves to be the real deal2014-07-28T12:00:00+00:00Dan Nailen/blog/author/dan/<p><img alt="" height="210" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/clarkwide.jpg" width="490"></p> <p>Well, damn.</p> <p>That's pretty much my instant reaction to seeing Gary Clark, Jr. for the first time, at his Sunday night show at Red Butte Garden.</p> <p>You can definitely call me a skeptic when it comes to hearing about new blues "legends" coming along. I can't think of another genre where every name you hear is a "legend" of some sort or another--one would think anyone who stepped on a Chicago or Memphis stage at some point in their musical life is an equal of Buddy Guy or B.B. King.</p> <p>Gary Clark, Jr. arrives in my listening sphere with a couple years' worth of critical buzz and the stamp of approval of the Austin, Texas, music scene, so all signs before the show were positive. And suffice to say, the man delivered in a big way, ripping through some amazing blues-rock Sunday night to an adoring crowd that was definitely into everything Clark and his three backing musicians were offering.</p> <p>After a rousing opening set by Austin-based guitar-drums duo Black Pistol Fire (watch for those guys--they absolutely killed it in front of an unfamiliar crowd), Clark and his co-conspirators (rhythm guitarist King Zapata, drummer Johnny Radelet and bassist Johnny Bradley) ripped through an oft-sprawling 16-song set drawn primarily from Clark's <em>Blak and Blu</em> album, in addition to some covers and other selections.</p> <p>The slow and slinky "Catfish Blues," an old blues number covered by Jimi Hendrix way back when, opened the show in a mellow groove before Clark opened things up with "Ain't Messin' Around." That song was the first indication that fellow guitarist Zapata is nearly the equal of bandleader Clark, tearing into a tasty solo that was one of the night's highlights.</p> <p>"Next Door Neighbor Blues," "Travis County" and "When My Train Pulls In" were all early highlights, with "Train" building to a raucous, cacophonous conclusion as Clark and his band expanded the song into a sprawling instrumental workout. "Please Come Home" led into the utterly Zeppelin-esque "Numb," a song that started out with gargantuan riffs and stayed monster-sized throughout in terms of the think guitar riffs.</p> <p>Clark's "Don't Owe You a Thing" led into a well-chosen cover of B.B. King's "3 O'Clock Blues," and "Things Are Changing" led into a bombastic mash-up of "Blak and Blu" and "Bright Lights" to close down the main set.</p> <p>It's pretty special to see an artist truly earn a standing ovation, and Clark and Co. goaded the crowd to its collective feet throughout Sunday's show with a series of increasingly fine performances of his songs. By set's end, the crowd was fully engaged and mostly standing, and Clark and his non-stop series of stunning guitars had totally convinced the crowd to agree to anywhere he wanted to go, musically.</p> <p>For the encore, that place included excellent versions of "In The Evening (When the Sun Goes Down)," a cover of Albert King's "Oh Pretty Woman" and the show-closing killer "You Saved Me." It was a brilliant conclusion to a show by a guy deserving of all the accolades that have come his way.</p>Salt Lake Comic Con: A Comic Con by any other name2014-07-28T10:55:03+00:00Jaime Winston/blog/author/jaime/<p><img alt="" height="377" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/slcc-car.jpg" width="490"><br><em>Salt Lake Comic Con's car.</em></p> <p class="p1">Comic Event and Comic Fest just don’t sound as good as “Comic Con.”</p> <p class="p1">But if <a href="">San Diego Comic-Con,</a> the world’s largest pop culture event, gets it’s way, <a href="">Salt Lake Comic Con</a> will drop the alliteration.</p> <p class="p1">Last year, Salt Lake Comic Con made its debut as the largest first-year comic convention in history and the largest convention in Utah history. William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Stan Lee (grand daddy of Marvel Comics) were guests, and this September’s event promises wrestler Hulk Hogan, actor Christopher Lloyd and heavenly angel/actress Eliza Dushku. It also spawned Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, which had its first run in April. </p> <p class="p1"><span>San Diego Comic-Con has been running since 1970 and is known for attracting A-listers from all things pop culture.</span></p> <p class="p1">Over the weekend, Salt Lake Comic Con’s Facebook page was abuzz with fanboys and fangirls sounding off over the SDCC’s cease and desist order for SLCC's use of “Comic Con,” “Comic-Con,” “Comiccon” or any other variation. <span>If SLCC doesn’t change the name, SDCC says they will seek an injunction on the name and damages for intellectual property infringment. </span></p> <p class="p1"><span>Specifically, San Diego called Salt Lake out for driving a car pimped with a logo and dates around San Diego’s event, potentially confusing attendees, exhibitors and fans into thinking Salt Lake’s event is run by SDCC. Check out the ride in the pic above.</span><span> </span><span>Click </span><a href="">here</a><span> to see a copy of the letter.</span></p> <p class="p2"><span>Salt Lake Comic Con was quick to respond for the world to see. </span><span>On their website, they said San Diego has no claim to the term and posted a list of other conventions using “Comic Con” in their title, including New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con. They forgot about my first comic con, <a href="/blog/2011/01/11/action-packed-conn-weekend-at-the-amazing-arizona-comic-con/">Amazing Arizona Comic Con.</a><span> </span></span><span>Bryan Brandenburg, co-founder of Utah's convention, told the Associated Press that San Diego tried to trademark “Comic Con” in 1995 and failed. </span></p> <p class="p1">Time will tell if Salt Lake Comic Con has to rebrand. Meanwhile, we’ll be thinking of new names just in case: Salt Lake Comic Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn!!!, Salt Lake ComicDance (they would have to focus more on film), Leaving Mom’s Basement. If you have a suggestion for a new name, leave it in the comments below.</p> <p class="p1">Salt Lake Comic Con runs Sept. 4–6 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Click <a href="">here</a> for tickets.</p>Product Review: Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest2014-07-28T06:00:00+00:00Cynthia Yeo/blog/author/cynthia/<p>It's nearly time for the next<a href="/blog/tag/outdoor-retailer/" target="_blank"> Outdoor Retailer.</a> You may remember <a href="/blog/2013/08/05/or-outdoor-dogs/" target="_blank">the products we highlighted</a> for our canine friends from the last Summer market. <a href="" target="_blank">RuffWear</a> was nice enough to send me the redesigned <a href="" target="_blank">swamp cooler vest</a> for my dog Wren to test. If it works on my dog, it will work on any dog. He has two speeds—laying down or sprint. He gets very hot on hikes in the summer. Last summer a litter mate of Wren's died from overheating on a hike, so I was very interested in this product.</p> <p>First here is a run down of the tech. and how it works.</p> <p><strong>How it works:</strong></p> <p><img alt="" height="316" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/swampcooler.jpg" width="490"></p> <p><strong>Redesigned fabric</strong> for longer maximum cooling through evaporation and heat reflection <br><strong>Three-layer construction</strong>: 1. wicking outer layer facilitates evaporation 2. absorbent middle layer stores water for evaporation and 3. comfortable inner layer transfers cooling effect to the dog<br><strong>Redesigned Active fit</strong> for full range of motion"<br><strong>Side-release buckles</strong> for easy on/off<br><strong>Low-light visibility</strong> with reflective trim and light loop for attaching The Beacon™"</p> <p><img alt="" height="326" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/wren1.jpg" width="490"><br>As you can see the vest fits great and moves easily in a full sprint.</p> <p><img alt="" height="326" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/wren3.jpg" width="490"><br>The side release buckles made it easy to get on and off.</p> <p><img alt="" height="326" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/wren4.jpg" width="490"><br>Wren still needs rest breaks in the shade (and plenty of water) but he was able to go twice as long wearing this vest, verses without it.</p> <p><img alt="" height="326" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/wren6.jpg" width="490"><br>After his rest he was good to go for another round of sprints on the trail.</p> <p><img alt="" height="326" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/wren7.jpg" width="490"><br>For those that are wondering his shoes are also <a href="" target="_blank">Ruffwear</a>, I purchased them this winter when Wren cut an artery in his paw. This is one of only two models I was able to find that will stay on during his type of run, this is the other by <a href="" target="_blank">NeoPaws.</a></p> <p><img alt="" height="326" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/wren8.jpg" width="490"><br>Overall I am very happy with this product and have used it on multiple hikes this summer.</p> <p><strong>Pro tips:</strong> Get it wet before you put it on, you can do this with a water bottle or I prefer to use my sink at home.</p> <p>Bring plenty of water, not only will your dog still need to drink (Wren drinks a litre or more on our hikes),  every 30 minutes to an hour depending on the heat you will need to pour more water on the vest. This day was 95 degrees. We were able to stay out for an hour and a half and I put water on the vest once about half way through.</p> <p>It will get dirty, especially if your dog rolls in the dirt like mine. The good news, it easily washes off with a hose. After this outing I also used Wren's puppy shampoo to get it looking brand new again. The other perk, I was able to take it off before getting back in the car—it was dirty but Wren wasn't.</p> <p><em>Location Dimple Dell Reservoir, photography by <a href="" target="_blank">Naji Al-Khudairi</a></em></p>Kid-friendly: Shakespeare at Utah Children&#39;s Theatre2014-07-25T15:01:52+00:00Jaime Winston/blog/author/jaime/<p><img alt="" height="735" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/merrywives2014poster.jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p1">Utah Children’s Theatre announced the return of one of our favorite Shakespeare festivals, second to the big one in Cedar City, the <a href="">Shakespeare Festival for Kids &amp; Adults with Short Attention Spans.</a></p> <p class="p2"><span style="">The third annual fest runs Aug. 15–27. Here’s the rundown of this year’s plays (all condensed versions of the originals):</span></p> <p class="p2"><strong><span style="">Digestible Shakespeare</span></strong></p> <p class="p1">Fast paced performance mixing The Bard’s original words with modern explanations. Sort of a Shakespeare primer.<span style=""> </span></p> <p class="p1"><strong>A Midsummer’s Night Dream</strong></p> <p class="p1">This one’s all about romance and fairy magic.</p> <p class="p1"><strong>Merry Wives of Windsor</strong></p> <p class="p1">A comedy about down-on-his-luck bachelor Falstaff and his foolhardy plan to court two wealthy women. <span style="">(This performance feature actors ages 19 and younger.)</span></p> <p class="p1"><strong>The Green Show</strong></p> <p class="p1">20 minutes of dancing, singing, comedy and more.</p> <p class="p1">The theatre is also hosting family workshops, where parents and kids can create Shakespeare crafts and participate in games and activities. </p> <p class="p1">For dates, times and tickets, <a href="">click</a> here. </p> <p class="p1">And click <a href="">here</a> to see this year’s discount packages.</p>Veterans in Utah&#39;s National Parks2014-07-25T12:42:35+00:00Salt Lake magazine/blog/author/webintern/<p class="p1"><img alt="" height="367" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/veterans2.jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p1">Surrounding ourselves with nature allows us to recharge and look inward. <a href="">Zion Adventure Company</a> is hosting <a href="">Utah for Veterans</a> to thank them for their dedication and service to our country by bringing them to the beauty and peace of our national parks.</p> <p class="p1">The first trip of the project ran July 15–21, complete with rock climbing, biking, hiking and an all-day guided canyoneering trip through Zion National Park for veterans Chris Anderson, Will Lewis and Adrienne Davis. </p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="490" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/veterans3.jpg" width="367"></p> <p class="p1">The project, using a grant from <a href="">The Davis Project for Peace</a> and the Chicago Film Institute, will create a documentary aimed at raising awareness for non-profits that work with veterans and the many benefits of the outdoors and community outreach. <span style="">The documentary will be filmed by former Navy Corpsman and Afghanistan Veteran Daniel Hoye, who will follow the veterans on their journey through Zion.  </span></p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="367" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/veterans.jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p1">Here’s how you can help support future trips: The project is looking for volunteers to work on-site cooking dinner at campsites, or for cash donations. <span style="">Read more about the project's story and help fund it </span><a href="" style="">here</a><span style="">. </span><span style="">For more info on the project or to get involved, visit </span><a href="" style=""></a><span style=""> or contact</span></p>Five for the Road2014-07-25T10:36:45+00:00Jaime Winston/blog/author/jaime/<p class="p1">As you prep for the weekend, here are <a href="/blog/tag/five-for-the-road/">five things</a> to eat, see and do.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Outdoors:</strong> <a href="/blog/2014/07/25/time-to-chill-at-utah-lake/">Time to Chill at Utah Lake</a></p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="368" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/utahlake-2.jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p1">Swimming is nice and all, but here are some of Utah Lake’s more adventurous activities.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>On the Table:</strong> <a href="/blog/2014/07/21/one-for-one-eat-to-give/">One for One. Eat to Give.</a></p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="327" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/jalapeno-popper-grilled-cheese.jpg" width="491"></p> <p class="p1">Even Stevens’ sandwiches in Salt Lake City just might change the world.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Film Review</strong>: <a href="/blog/2014/07/22/movie-review-wish-i-was-here/">Wish I Was Here</a></p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="320" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/braff.jpg" width="491"></p> <p class="p1">There’s great stuff in this film, but Zach Braff lacks the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Take a Hike:</strong> <a href="/blog/2014/07/24/take-a-hike-willow-heights/">Willow Heights</a></p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="368" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/willow_heights_sign-2.jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p3">If you’ve finished a meal at Silverfork Lodge and want to burn a few calories, this hike will do the trick.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>A&amp;E: </strong><a href="/blog/2014/07/24/dan-nailens-lounge-act-weekend-spree/">Weekend Spree</a></p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="327" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/polyphonicspree.jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p1">The Polyphonic Spree brings its spiritual vibes to In the Venue this Friday night. </p>Time to Chill at Utah Lake2014-07-25T10:03:31+00:00Salt Lake magazine/blog/author/webintern/<p><span style=""><span style="">Summer’s getting hotter, and it's time to hit the lake. Swimming is nice and all, but if you are looking for more adventurous lake activities, give these ideas a try:</span></span></p> <p> <img alt="" height="368" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/utahlake-2.jpg" width="490"></p> <p><strong><span style=""><span style="">Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Hawaii Style</span></span></strong></p> <p><span style=""><span style="">Trendy as it is, paddle boarding is a refreshing way to get some exercise while exploring different parts of the lake. When paddle boarding, the rider stands on a kind of surf board, only longer and broader, and uses a paddle to direct his path. When tired, you can sit or lie down and enjoy the water. You can even ride tandem with one person paddling while the other enjoys the ride. Outdoors Unlimited rents paddle boards for $30 a day, $120 a week or $360 a month.</span></span><span style=""> </span></p> <p><strong><span style=""><span style="">Geocaching</span></span></strong></p> <p><span style=""><span style="">Feel like treasure hunting this summer? Geocaching at the lake is basically playing pirates. There are plenty of caches hidden around the edges and outskirts of the lake, accessible by boat, swimming, car or bike. Download your choice of geocaching app, and don’t forget to bring along a few trinkets to trade out with your prize.</span></span></p> <p><strong><span style=""><span style="">Bike a Century</span></span></strong></p> <p><span style=""><span style="">The total distance around the lake is about 98 miles, making it a popular road bike route, often on a Utah biker’s bucket list. Open farm land, time to think and smooth, flat pavement make it an attractive ride for bikers of various skill levels. You obviously don’t have to bike the whole thing either, just plan accordingly.</span></span></p> <p><img alt="" height="368" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/utahlake-1.jpg" width="490"><br><em>Photo courtesy of Ethan Cook </em></p> <p><strong><span style=""><span style="">Spear Fishing</span></span></strong></p> <p><span style=""><span style="">All a beginner really needs to spear fish is a spear pole and snorkel set, although more advanced fishermen use spear guns, wetsuits and sometimes scuba equipment. Like all fishing, it does take some patience, but basically you just swim around until you find a fish. YouTube tutorials can set you straight when trying to spear your first fish. Just a note: Utah Lake is a bit murky for spear fishing; maybe try the clear waters of Deer Creek instead. Utah Lake is better suited for bow fishing because of its shallow waters. You can easily stand in the shallows (even in the middle of the lake), wait for a fish and shoot it with a fishing bow.</span></span></p>Tap Dancing at Sugar Space2014-07-24T13:12:35+00:00Salt Lake magazine/blog/author/webintern/<p class="p1"><img alt="" height="490" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/tap_shoes_bottom_b&amp;w_(1)_(450x490).jpg" width="450"></p> <p class="p1">Looking for a new and different way to spend your Saturday? Check out Sugar Space’s first tap dance workshop and tap the day away. </p> <p class="p2">The workshop, for students ages 13 and up, takes place on Saturday, Aug. 2 at Sugar Space in River District. New to tap dancing? Classes are offered for students who have at least some tap experience and know the basic fundamentals to more advanced tap dancers.</p> <p class="p2">Classes are taught by world-class artists Jann LeVitre, Debby Robertson, and Gerson Lanza. </p> <p class="p2">So, get out your tap shoes and get ready to learn and have fun. </p> <p class="p2"><strong><span>Here’s the schedule:</span></strong></p> <p class="p2">9–10:15 a.m.: Tap on Time<br><span>Mixed levels</span></p> <p class="p2"><span>10:30–11:45 a.m.: Broadway Tap<br></span><span>Advanced, beginner, intermediate</span><span> </span></p> <p class="p1">11:45–12:30 p.m.: Lunch<br><span>With classic tap videos</span></p> <p class="p1"><span>12:30–1:45 p.m.: Rhythm Turns<br></span><span>Beginner</span></p> <p class="p2"><span>2–3:15 p.m.: Power Movies<br></span><span>Intermediate, Advanced</span></p> <p class="p1"><span>3:30–4:45 p.m.: Slides<br></span><span>Intermediate, Advanced</span></p> <p class="p2"> <img alt="" height="351" src="/site_media/uploads/July2014/tap_shoes_in_hand_(490x351).jpg" width="490"></p> <p class="p2">Classes are $20 each for one or two, $18 each for three, and $16 each for four or five.</p> <p class="p2"><a href="">Sugar Space</a> is located at 130 S. 800 West, Salt Lake City. Dancers<span> ages 10–12 with significant experience may also be able to join in. </span><span>Email Debby Robertson at or call 801-680-3201 to register. Include your name, address, phone number, age, and which class(es) you want to register for.</span></p>The 5th Wall2014-07-24T11:46:35+00:00Salt Lake magazine/blog/author/webintern/<p class="p1">Ceilings often get ignored, or simply just painted "ceiling white," but as these images show, they can have a very dramatic impact. Something as simple as paint can make all the difference in the world. </p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="750" src="/site_media/uploads/1-nicoleceiling.jpg" width="500"></p> <p class="p1">from <a href="">Design Sponge</a></p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="751" src="/site_media/uploads/2-nicoleceiling.jpg" width="500"></p> <p class="p1">by <a href="">Erika Ward Interiors</a></p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="364" src="/site_media/uploads/3-nicoleceiling.jpg" width="500"></p> <p class="p1">by <a href="">RSVP Design Services</a> </p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="664" src="/site_media/uploads/4-nicoleceiling.jpg" width="500"><br><br> by <a href="">Tara Seawright Interior Design</a></p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="671" src="/site_media/uploads/5-nicoleceiling.jpg" width="500"></p> <p class="p1">As eye-popping as paint can be, take a look at these PATTERNS! by <a href="">Mendelson Group</a></p> <p class="p1"> <img alt="" height="623" src="/site_media/uploads/6-nicoleceiling.jpg" width="500"><br> <br> Jenna Lyon's Nursery via <a href="">Apartment Therapy</a></p> <p class="p1"><a href=""><em>Nicole Zeigler</em></a><em>, CKBR, Allied ASID, NCIDQ is the owner / lead designer at enzy design,LLC; specializing in kitchen &amp; bathroom design and residential remodeling. </em><a href=""><em></em></a></p> <p class="p1"><em>This post was originally published on <a href=""></a>.</em></p>