The Lucky 13 challenge wouldn't be so bad if you have all day to finish or could split it with a friend, but's a timed challenge and it's all you chowing down on this gargantuan meal.

You have one hour to eat the Big Benny and the Lucky 13 burger. 

Directly from their menu, the Big Benny is a foot tall burger with bacon, ham, cheese, sauteed onions, Lucky 13 Sauce and 28oz of Fresh Ground Chuck ... And that's just one part of the challenge. 

The other is the Lucky 13 burger, which consists of 14oz of Ground Chuck topped with Belizean habanero puree and roasted habaneros, then stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches which are loaded with sauteed onions, roasted jalapeños and roasted habaneros. Still up for the challenge? Great! We're looking for an iron stomach.


Whether you win or lose, we'll pay for the burger. And if you win, you'll get $500 for being awesome. 

Leave us a comment below, telling us why we should film your attempt at the Lucky 13 challenge. Why do you have what it takes?

The video will appear on We'll compare our schedules to make the challenge date. Make sure you leave your email in the designated field when you leave your comment. CONTEST DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DEC. 19.