No comic book or city is complete without a band of slightly eccentric outsiders to bring a bit of color from the fringes of society. Salt Lake City is no different. Here are the best Misfits of 2012.

Self-appointed Superheroes
Black Monday Society
Only reality separates the members of Salt Lake’s Black Monday Society from the Dark Knight: Red Voltage, Professor Midnight, Ghost et al, patrol the streets to make SLC safer.

Utah Civil War Association
The Yanks and Rebs
Utahns reenact the Civil War’s bloodiest battles with frightening authenticity. “When you read about a soldier sleeping in the rain, getting his powder wet and eating salt pork, it means more if you’ve done it,” says Jake Beckstrand. Watch a battle during the This is the Place Civil War Days Aug. 10–11.

Juana Ghani
The Gypsy Band
“The style is sort of an acoustic-gypsy-punk-underground-folk-rock band,” says Leisl Bonell, who started Juana Ghani with husband, Brian. The gypsy troupe includes as many as 20 dancers and 13 musicians singing in four languages. Don’t miss Juana Ghani and the Underground Gypsy Cabaret on July 13 at Bar Deluxe. 666 S. State St., 801-532-2914,

Black Hat Society
The Witches
Pointy hats and celestial embroidered robes will be mandatory when nearly 100 members of the Black Hat Society, founded by Salt Lake City Pagan Pride board members TaMara Gold and Chrissy Lee, descend on the gilded lobby lounge of The Grand America Hotel for their annual tea party. “Warts and toads are optional.” 2470 S. Main St., 801-906-0470,

The Knights
United Clans Swordsmen Association
Swordsmen—and women—in tunics and sashes gather in Liberty Park on Saturdays to hone their long sword techniques and learn to use daggers and bucklers in old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat. Note: steel swords have been replaced with wood or plastic.

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