The best groups and places for Utah’s lesser-known athletes to do what they do best.

Shoot an Arrow
Salt Lake Archery
Inspired by the Avengers' Hawkeye? Shoot all kinds of bows from Olympian recurves to longbows. Lessons for all ages. 1130 E. Wilmington Ave., SLC, 801-486-8242,

Dodge a Ball
Murray Parks and Recreation Adult Coed Dodgeball League
Take that rubber ball and let out the rage pent up since sixth grade gym class. 751 W. Tripp Lane, 801-264-2614, Murray,

Show Off Your Kick
World Adult Kickball Association
Relive childhood triumphs. SLC has three divisions, each with a designated post-game bar. Ain't no sissy sport: kickballers play in almost any weather.

Drink and Think
Geeks Who Drink
Flaunt your brain power with weekly trivia contests at Devil’s Daughter, Piper Down and Lumpy’s. Winners don't just get bragging rights but gift cards and other prizes, too.

Sweep for Sport
Park City Curling Club
Be like an Olympian and pick up a brush. Learn all about curling by doing it yourself with the Park City Curling Club’s Learn-to-Curl classes. 435-901-2595,

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