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Jan 20th 2012

Here Come the Clowns: Trapeze Act

The Utah Legislature's Republican majority is full of high-minded ideals about individual freedom and cutting spending, even if it means the poor are deprived of basic medical care. Which makes it that much more jaw-dropping that seven years ago, lawmakers adopted legislation to extend state medical benefits for former legislators of retirement age. Read More

Jan 20th 2012

Here Come the Clowns: The Show's Bottom Line

For all the moralizing sideshows and freakish characters under Utah's big top, the bosses generally know how to run things. Even with unemployment and foreclosures high, the state has weathered the financial crisis much better than our neighbors. Read More

Jan 20th 2012

Here Come the Clowns: The Act by the Numbers

Most lawmakers already refuse to treat their emails as public records. But this year, Rep. John Dougall, R-Highland, launched himself at GRAMA–the Government Records Access and Management Act–aiming at lawmaker's voice mails, instant messages and text messages preserved on their taxpayer-financed landlines, cell phones and computers. Read More

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