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Jan 19th 2011

Helenka Bimstein: Dress Young, Be Young, Think Young

Art has the power to reach across generations, cultures, and biases to the delight and inspiration of an audience. I was this audience to a display in the Finch Lane Gallery. Beneath every canvas, scene, sculpture and painting there lies a creator. A real living soul that has breathed life upon a physical manifestation of their beliefs, dreams or imaginations is artist Helenka Bimstein. Read More

Jan 15th 2011

Finch Lane Gallery: Where Art Breathes

If there ever was a time to embrace art, it's now. The Finch Lane Gallery is displaying art work from three different Utah artists, kicking off this year's run of different artists chosen by the Salt Lake City Arts Council to be featured. The first three artists featured are photographer Tessa Barton and mixed media artists Naomi Marine and Helenka Bimstein. I attended the Opening Reception held the evening of Jan. 14 and here follows a few highlights of my experience. Read More

Jan 11th 2011

Bliss Documentary to Screen Jan. 23

The film, Arc Of Light: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss created by Black Opal Productions and director Cid Collins Walker will have a screening and reception on Jan. 23 from 5-8pm in Park City, just as the Sundance Film Festival gets underway. RSVP to get the address at, or call Kimberly Skyrme at 917-405-0417 or Cid Collins Walker at 202-210-8383. Read More

Jan 06th 2011

January Gallery Strolls

It's a way to connect the community with local artists and it happens every January. The January Gallery Stroll (or various versions thereof) features special exhibits, art events and more while showcasing artists. From Park City to Provo, there's a lot going on. (Photo courtesy of Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll) Read More

Jan 06th 2011

Desert Star's Back From the Future opens tonight

Desert Star is proud to announce Back From the Future: What Happens in 1985 Stays in 1985 running Jan 6- Feb 26. We wrote a review, so click here to see our take on the show.This time travel parody is promised to delight the entire family. Teenager Marvin McFlea has an incurable crush on famous pop star Miley Cyrus. Since Marvin is a nobody he decides to travel back in time to make his parents rich and famous. But you know how time travel goes, there's always a complication in the space/time continuum. Read More

Jan 06th 2011

Utah: Not Just a Vacation Spot

It's our state motto and it has become so overused it's bordering on cliche, but the truth is, Utah really does have the greatest snow on earth. With travel websites promising "unparalleled access" and various resorts boasting new upgrades and newly accessed ski country, it seems everyone wants to spend time here. (Photo courtesy of Read More

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