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Jan 14th 2011

Where oh Where Is Our Lovely Snow

I have edges and ... yikes! The extreme cold has kept the snow soft but skier compaction has created moguls and firm groomers at all the resorts. I haven't needed edges at Alta in a year. But yesterday. Whoa. Challenging. It's chalky in places and fast. Be super careful if you're skiing this MLK weekend. Lots of people, hardpack or packed powder, and flat light (it's supposed to stay cloudy most of the time with some sun tomorrow before the next storm rolls in) equals tons of carnage. Crashing if you don't know the term. Read More

Jan 14th 2011

More Sundance Scene News

The Village at the Yard- Gone. T-Mobile Cafe- Gone. The Lift- Gone. MySpace Cafe- Gone. The big players in the gifting lounge and party scene during the Sundance Film Festival will redshirt this one. In their stead, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift on lower Main Street becomes the title sponsor. Under their banner, Tao will throw a bunch of ESPN parties, Sephora's Studio will gift and pamper and Stella Artois' Cafe will feed the elite. Read More

Jan 08th 2011

Day Two of the Wizarding World of Gadgets at CES

Nothing like starting your morning with a computer engineer talking your ear off about what's going into the cars of our future. Huh? Where's my coffee?? We headed to the outdoor arena where a company called Visteon had gathered their latest prototypes to display to car manufacturers like Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, et al. Navigation systems that also keep a maintenance log and report back to you when something on your car is going to burn out. It could tell you how much further you could drive before destroying your tranny. Or how about slipping your iPad into your dash and it becomes your center console? A big thing at the CES in Las Vegas this weekend is car technology. Read More

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