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Jan 25th 2011

The Faces of Sundance 2011

[caption id="attachment_13286" align="alignnone" width="352" caption="Rachel Leigh Cook flashes Lia Sophia at the Swagg House by Frazer Harrison"] [/caption] Read More

Jan 23rd 2011

Sundance Parties, The Bing List and Going Home

Just before Sundance started last Thursday I received a gift in my Inbox. Some might consider the Bing List the Holy Grail of partydom. When I saw it right there on my screen I felt instant Nirvana. Really? For me? It was 5 pages long with parties, events, locations and contacts. Everything you need to gain access to the exclusive suites or all-night parties. The list is so coveted that it had to be deactivated and re-passcoded twice because people were selling it on Craigslist. Read More

Jan 21st 2011

Day 1 2011 Outdoor Retailer Opens For Business

And so the chaos begins. I headed down to the Salt Palace; about an hour late because I wanted to grab my Sundance press credential beforehand. That way I could stay down at the show and not have to rush back before Headquarters closed at 6 p.m. One of these days it would be nice if the OR folks clued in and moved the event to a weekend that doesn't conflict with Sundance or the Ski Industries of America show in Denver (that one starts next Wednesday). Read More

Jan 19th 2011

Outdoor Retailer show debuts next winter's goods

Oh what a day! Powder, people, beer and booty. Perhaps the icky icy runs from yesterday kept the throngs away but little did they know that it was still delicious at Solitude for the 2011 On-Snow Demo of the Outdoor Retailer show. Read More

Jan 19th 2011

Let the Swagfest Begin! Sundance 2011 brings on the Gifting.

January is my Christmas. First the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, now the Outdoor Retailer Show and the 2011 Sundance Film Fest. The sheer amount of booty floating around me is staggering. And I LOVE IT!!! It's like five-star trick or treating. Last year, a giant gift basket of PopChips appeared on my doorstep to welcome me to Sundance. This year, it was a knit scarf and rechargeable handwarmer from Timberland. Read More

Jan 19th 2011

Who's Coming to Sundance 2011?

I'm talking to my mom. So who's going to be in town this week she asks? I'm talking to a friend in SLC, my boyfriend's brother, a fellow writer in New York, same thing. Everyone wants to know what celebs are coming to Utah...for no other reason but to stare. What is it about celebrities we find so fascinating?? I once shared a small ladies room sink in the Treasure Mountain Inn with Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill). She smiled and complimented my boots. Anne Heche passed by on her way to the Con-air styling booth and never looked up. But I spotted her. Kevin Sorbo was so close behind me as I walked up Main Street that I could hear his breath. Paris Hilton walked in front of my car near Deer Valley's Snow Park Lodge. Read More

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