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Dec 14th 2011

UMFA's $40 package for the racing fan in your life

Ab Jenkins was a legend among Americans of his time (early 20th century). He consistently set land speed records—reaching speeds up to 275 miles an hour—and a few endurance records—of 24+ hours straight driving. Still he never seemed satisfied with what he had done. He always pushed to go faster and farther than anyone had gone before. And he was the man who brought speed racing to the Bonneville Salt Flats, making it the speed racing monster it is today. Read More

Dec 08th 2011

Christmas Jam returns to SLC, Dec. 15–16

Christmas Jam brings 11 of Utah’s most talented musicians together to perform a Christmas rock 'n' roll concert. Creating a new tradition, the Christmas Jam entertains audiences and raises money for charity. Read More

Dec 03rd 2011

Fifth Annual Winter Market

The summer farmer's markets are often a good time had by all. They are great places to find unique, hand made crafts and some of the freshest, cheapest fruit around. Some families come religiously to buy or sell local goods. Unfortunately, summer always turns into fall and fall invariably into winter, and many bid farewell to their favorite market until it warms up again in the spring. Read More

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