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Jan 03rd 2012

Shower Power

One of the perks of having Utah Style & Design as a sister-publication is sharing all of the great content provided by the magazine with Salt Lake magazine's readers. We couldn't pass this one up. Read More

Dec 21st 2011

Pillows: your home's Christmas sweater

Anyone seduced by Christmas sweaters—the good as well as the gaudy—maybe your decor deserves a little dress-up. Enter  Christmas pillows. And from the looks of it, these sofa showpieces are as much a rage as the knitted pullovers and cardigans we're putting on this holiday season. Check out these pillows —some we love, one or two we loathe. Which of these tossers are terrific and which are tacky? Let us know what you think. Ward & Child—The Garden Store, SLC Read More

Nov 30th 2011

One sexy couch!

If your décor is suffering a midlife crisis, this sexy sofa may just the cure. Read More

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