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Oct 31st 2011

Beauty Buff: Skin Rehab for Your Halloween Hangover

Caking on makeup for Fright Night and Monster-Mashing past midnight is sure to leave your derm' in distress come Nov. 1. Bacteria gets stuck in pores with all that facepaint, junk food and alcohol, and there's a good chance you didn't drink enough water to flush out toxins. So baby your biggest organ and consider these routines your post-Halloween hair of the dog. Read More

Oct 24th 2011

Beauty Buff: Make Halloween Boo-tiful

So you've picked up your Anthony Weiner undershirt from the D.I., your Kim Kardashian wedding dress from Decades and your Green Lantern spandex from Pib's Exchange. But how can you take your costume to the next level? Here are a few spookifying products that can take you from trick-or-treat to “...and the Epic Brewing dual beer cozy goes to costume contest winner (your name here).” Read More

Oct 17th 2011

Beauty Buff: Fall Into the Season's Hottest Makeup Trends

Now that wool capes and lumberjack booties have heated up the fall runways, it's time to trade your flirty summer shadows for richer, more saturated shades. But it's not just about the layering the lids. When taking your makeup from warm weather to winter, you'll also want to bundle up with dense lip colors and thicker brows. Read More

Oct 10th 2011

Beauty Buff: Nineveh Dinha's Favorite Products

She's won City Weekly's "Best TV News Hottie" three years in a row, so it's safe to say FOX13's Nineveh Dinha is one of Utah's favorite famous faces. But when she's not on the anchor desk, how does she stay so glam amid crime scenes and natural disasters? Beauty Buff gets the scoop when this journalista reveals her top five, secret beauty sources. Read More

Oct 03rd 2011

Beauty Buff: Detox with Essential Oils

Knowing what's in your makeup, lotions and potions is power. Why? Because their ingredients – for better or for worse - end up running through your bloodstream, headed straight for your liver. Read More

Sep 26th 2011

Beauty Buff: Making the Most of Your Makeup

A full face of makeup is known to increase confidence, but what if it could actually heal your body, too? Well, a Millcreek mommy-daughter duo are creating beauty products that aim to do just that. Read More

Sep 19th 2011

Beauty Buff: Let Summer Fade, Not Your Tan

By now, we all know faux is the way to go. Skin cancer is just not worth a few days of sun-baked skin. So rather than fading to a True Blood-shade of pale, substitute self-tanner for your lotion and stay beach-babe bronze even when you're layering up for the autumn chill or hitting Utah's wintery slopes. Read More

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