Grand America Chef Jeffrey de Leon digs in to his fantasy dessert.

The holidays are a time of indulgence, and nothing is more indulgent than a fantastic dessert. We asked some of Utah’s best bakers to create their fantasy dessert for us—and offer a few tips for making our own homemade desserts look a little dreamier.

Jeffrey de Leon 

La Bonne Vie, Grand America, 555 S. Main St., SLC, 801-258-6554

A vision of precision, de Leon’s fantasy dessert is an architectural construction of pastry arts. Hazelnut cake layered with gianduja ganache and hazelnut mousse rests on a chocolate cookie base with raspberry truffles supporting a ginger cookie flying saucer dusted with sugar snow surrounding a sweet sculpture of chocolate bark and spun sugar spirals. It’s garnished with edible silver leaf and fresh raspberries. As complicated as this dessert is, de Leon says you don’t need specialized training to make your desserts showstoppers.

Tips from the Chef:

Always use fresh fruit. It’s the best way to get bright colors in your desserts.

Think about proportion, and figure out a way to get dramatic height. 

For a breathtaking but expensive-looking touch, garnish with small amounts of edible gold or silver leaf. Find it online at

Use pre-made sweets as garnishes: cookie halves, chocolate morsels and candy.

Plan your decorations and apply them precisely. Consider your creation from all angles.

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