This weekend, Utah’s Hogle Zoo celebrates Zuri’s fifth birthday. (Remember the baby elephant that stole your heart and made you finally revisit the zoo half a decade ago?) You’re invited to Zuri’s party, where she will be given cake and presents.

Zuri’s birthday happens to fall near World Elephant Day, and the zoo will use the opportunity to educate guests on elephants in the wild and the dangers they face, leaving many young elephants like Zuri orphans. In Africa, 96 elephants are killed daily to fuel the ivory trade.

At Zuri’s party, you can sign a petition to help curb the killing, and the kids can show their love for elephants by coloring pictures of them. Families will want to pose in front of the life-sized photo of Zuri to take their “elphie.” Anyone wearing grey gets a $2 discount.

If you can’t wait to help the elephants you can sign the petition here

Otherwise, be at Utah’s Hogle Zoo on Aug. 9, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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