If the zero drop shoes and 4K GoPro of yesteryear aren't enough to impress your buddies anymore, don't despair—the annual bender for gear whores and boot hounds has finally arrived. Beginning today, August 6, the Summer Market tradeshow floods the Salt Palace with the leading outdoors manufacturers and trendsetters in Salt Lake City's closest approximation of NY's Fashion Week frenzy.

Find a way to go VIP anytime this week—on the coattails of a friend's media or retailer pass…or with your own sham "publishing" company—and you'll be blessed for your dishonesty with ungodly deals on the season's hottest products, which should be more than enough to remain the outdoor Joneses everyone else is keeping up with.

If sincerity is more your thing, the Summer Market hosts roughly 150 individual clinics, seminars and other events for anyone eager to learn more about new products and sports (or just gain mastery over the old ones). Either way, this year's Summer Market continues the yearly crescendo of bigger manufacturers, better innovations and more fun all around.

Aside from the endless list of attending exhibitors, highlights of the event will certainly be tied to the OR Rocks! series, "the arts, culture and music scene that is found in every corner of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market." The 2014 lineup includes concerts from Motley Crue, Lady Gaga, and Paul McCartney as well as must-see events like the Psicobloc Master Series (untethered rock climbing over water) and Tour of Utah cycling race.

Registration for the tradeshow itself is closed, so you'll need to call in some favors from your aforementioned VIP friends, but many of the concurrent events are free to attend or still have tickets available.

For more information regarding the brands at Summer Market and other OR Rocks! events visit the Outdoor Retailer site.