StyleByte: Shopping The Sale Rack

Everyone loves the thrill of getting a great deal and now is the perfect time to find one as shops are moving out their summer-wear to make room for new Fall collections. Sales are everywhere and it is a great time to nab killer pieces at fantastic prices. But sale shopping is not for the faint of heart. It takes time and patience to weed through the racks and with so much to buy, what do you need and what do you leave? In an attempt to simplify the process, I have compiled a short list of my favorite items to pick up, and those that are better left behind.

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Purchase: Staples. Staples. Staples. When flipping through the sale racks, I search for pieces that will last the test of time; great basics like denim, blouses and easy silhouette dresses. I prefer to steer clear of items that were this seasons trends, for fear of their longevity. (Unless of course your intention is to wear them in the next few weeks.)

Stripes - Stripes were arguably the most trendy look for the spring/summer season and normally I would encourage you to stay away from purchasing them due to their shelf-life. However, in this case the more stripes the better as stripes never go out of style.
Denim - Finding denim on a sale rack is always exciting, especially if they have a darker wash with a slimmer leg. Light washes are great too, but need to be stored for fall. I would avoid bootcut denim (unless they are your favorite) and opt for a straight or skinny leg instead.
White denim - There is no better time to stock up on white denim then at a sale, because it is here to stay. I would opt for an ankle or full length in a skinny or straight leg fit.
Coated - If you are lucky enough to find a coated denim or legging, snag them as they are still as hot this fall/winter as last. If possible, I would stick to a neutral color (black, grey, brown etc).
Leather: Leather and leather detailing is still the rage moving into the cold weather so pick up what you can on sale.
Dresses - Choose styles, colors and patterns that have some longevity to them; a shift dress is the perfect timeless silhouette.
Blouses - Blouses (silk, polyester, or a blend) have worked their way into becoming a staple in our wardrobe and would be a great item to nab.
Blazer - I am a sucker for a great blazer. I don’t know a blazer that is going to go out of style unless it is very fashion forward. If it is a simple, great piece, in a neutral color (black, navy, even white) don’t pass it by.

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Don’t purchase- Trendy. Trendy. Trendy. As I mentioned above, unless you are planning on wearing the items in the next few weeks/month, then I would leave the uber-trendy spring/summer items on the rack. Normally a trend doesn’t stay current for more than one or two seasons; so this summer’s hot items most likely will not be next summer’s. So it’s best to stick with the basics.

Overalls- Overalls were a fun, edgy trend this spring/summer but their shelf-life is certainly questionable.
Cut-outs - Cut-outs were also the rage. They were placed on various parts of dresses and tops and were amazing; however, I fear that may be the last that we see of them for a while.  
Patterned jumpsuits - Again an exciting splash of color and texture that may be out as soon as it came in.
Colored and patterned denim - Outrageous patterns and brightly colored denim may be the easiest thing that you pass-up on the sale rack. They have both run their course.
Sports-wear - I appreciated the sports-wear inspired trend this spring (it wasn’t so prevalent this summer) but I don’t think it has legs to stand on for next year.
Crop tops - Crop tops certainly made a larger impression on fashion this season than I ever imagined, so I am on the fence about how long the style will stick around.  I would most likely pass on them unless you are going to rock the entire 70’s look and then I say, go for it!
Maxi’s - Similarly,  the maxi skirt and dress have had their days and it would be best to leave them on the rack.

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I hope that I have made your next sale shopping outing a bit easier and potentially more fun. As always, if you have questions or need some fashion assistance, please stop by the store — our doors are always open. XX Ashley

Ashley Rothwell-Campagna
Owner, Apt. 202

Pic 1: J brand denim, Splendid tee, and ASOS crop top

Pic 2: (Top) Alice + Olivia dress and Lanston stripe tee (bottom)  Eighty Sixty sweater, Citizens for Humanity coated denim, Rebecca Minkoff blazer, BCBG blouse

Pic 3: (Top) Mother jumpsuit, Lovers and Friends dress, and 3.1 Phillip Lim (bottom) THVM denim, Free People jumper, and Celine dress