Salt Lake Comic Con's car.

Comic Event and Comic Fest just don’t sound as good as “Comic Con.”

But if San Diego Comic-Con, the world’s largest pop culture event, gets it’s way, Salt Lake Comic Con will drop the alliteration.

Last year, Salt Lake Comic Con made its debut as the largest first-year comic convention in history and the largest convention in Utah history. William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Stan Lee (grand daddy of Marvel Comics) were guests, and this September’s event promises wrestler Hulk Hogan, actor Christopher Lloyd and heavenly angel/actress Eliza Dushku. It also spawned Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, which had its first run in April. 

San Diego Comic-Con has been running since 1970 and is known for attracting A-listers from all things pop culture.

Over the weekend, Salt Lake Comic Con’s Facebook page was abuzz with fanboys and fangirls sounding off over the SDCC’s cease and desist order for SLCC's use of “Comic Con,” “Comic-Con,” “Comiccon” or any other variation. If SLCC doesn’t change the name, SDCC says they will seek an injunction on the name and damages for intellectual property infringment.

Specifically, San Diego called Salt Lake out for driving a car pimped with a logo and dates around San Diego’s event, potentially confusing attendees, exhibitors and fans into thinking Salt Lake’s event is run by SDCC. Check out the ride in the pic above. Click here to see a copy of the letter.

Salt Lake Comic Con was quick to respond for the world to see. On their website, they said San Diego has no claim to the term and posted a list of other conventions using “Comic Con” in their title, including New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con. They forgot about my first comic con, Amazing Arizona Comic Con. Bryan Brandenburg, co-founder of Utah's convention, told the Associated Press that San Diego tried to trademark “Comic Con” in 1995 and failed. 

Time will tell if Salt Lake Comic Con has to rebrand. Meanwhile, we’ll be thinking of new names just in case: Salt Lake Comic Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn!!!, Salt Lake ComicDance (they would have to focus more on film), Leaving Mom’s Basement. If you have a suggestion for a new name, leave it in the comments below.

Salt Lake Comic Con runs Sept. 4–6 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Click here for tickets.