Surrounding ourselves with nature allows us to recharge and look inward. Zion Adventure Company is hosting Utah for Veterans to thank them for their dedication and service to our country by bringing them to the beauty and peace of our national parks.

The first trip of the project ran July 15–21, complete with rock climbing, biking, hiking and an all-day guided canyoneering trip through Zion National Park for veterans Chris Anderson, Will Lewis and Adrienne Davis. 

The project, using a grant from The Davis Project for Peace and the Chicago Film Institute, will create a documentary aimed at raising awareness for non-profits that work with veterans and the many benefits of the outdoors and community outreach. The documentary will be filmed by former Navy Corpsman and Afghanistan Veteran Daniel Hoye, who will follow the veterans on their journey through Zion.  

Here’s how you can help support future trips: The project is looking for volunteers to work on-site cooking dinner at campsites, or for cash donations. Read more about the project's story and help fund it hereFor more info on the project or to get involved, visit or contact